Why Swimming Lessons are Vital for Children During Winter.

When the winter chill hits... many parents sadly opt to take a break from swimming lessons for fear of their children getting sick or for the extra effort it takes to swim when the weather is cold and wet. Winter however, is actually the most important time of the year to keep on swimming, and has many health benefits. 

Here are five reasons why you should keep your kids swimming lessons up in winter



Accidents can happen at any time of year in the water, so it is crucial for kids to know what to do in emergencies and feel confident in the water.  Even during winter, it's a good idea to continue swimming lessons to keep their skills strong - repetition and practice are key. Put simply, kids forget!  After a break from swimming, skills may regress and children may struggle when they start again.  This may mean more summers of lessons before you’re comfortable just watching them from the side of the pool.



Don’t let the cold, rainy days keep them indoors all day, in front of screens and with little to no socialisation. Swimming in winter gets them (and you!) out of the house with the daily exercise they need to keep fit, reducing screen time and developing their social skills.



Winter swimming lessons will set your child up with good foundations for the summer - just in time for fun pool parties, long beach days, school swimming carnivals, boating weekends and water park adventures with family and friends. Our child’s safety is always our number one priority. Keeping them confident around water, by investing time in lessons over winter, will enable them to join in on all the water-based activities over a sunny and safe summer.




Not just a crucial life-saving skill, swimming lessons have also been shown to improve many areas of a child’s development including academic performance, language, maths, memory, confidence, fine and gross motor skills, coordination, and social skills. 



Much to our surprise, studies show that winter swimming actually boosts their immunity by building their resilience to stress and making them less susceptible to colds, flu and viruses in circulation. More swimming means regular exercise, more endorphins, and better moods for all - getting your child through winter stronger, healthier and happier!

The common misconception is that children catch colds by swimming in winter. As long as you ensure they rug up as soon as possible, maintaining their body warmth when leaving the swimming school, you are doing their little bodies a favour by persisting with swimming lessons during the colder winter months.

The Crumpet Coat Changing Robe was designed specifically to ease the chaos and cold of the winter swimming lesson.

  • The inner sherpa fleece is quick-drying and moisture-wicking and doesn’t get soggy like terry-toweling in other swim changing robes.
  • A quick dry-off and removal of wet bathers within the oversized length and fit of the changing robe will ensure optimal warmth.
  • The 100% waterproof and windproof outer shell will further protect them from the winter chill (and protect car seats!) as you head out the door and get them home to a hot shower.
No more freezing kids! The ultimate swimming lesson game-changer. And don’t forget to pop on the sherpa-lined hood over their little heads for the ultimate cosiness!

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